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About TerraSync®

TerraSync, the proprietary biological carbon capture and utilization technology developed by Accelergy, is a highly disruptive, cost-effective method for monetizing and mitigating CO2 emissions. The TerraSync process begins with the CO2 produced from our upgrading and conversion technologies, or from other CO2 point sources such as the generation of electricity from fossil fuels or refining operations. The CO2 is used as a vital feedstock for the cultivation of algae that are integral to TerraSync biofertilizer. Select, local native algae strains are isolated, cultivated and incorporated into proprietary blends of bio-fertilizer, which replace conventional chemical nitrogen fertilizers. TerraSync is applied as a live biofertilizer that biologically extracts (fixes) inert nitrogen (N) from the atmosphere and releases it in a form usable by crops. Once applied, TerraSync powers its metabolism and nitrogen fixing capability by photosynthetically extracting CO2 directly from the atmosphere to create simple carbon compounds which are excreted to the soil and used by the crops and the micro flora in the soil. A portion of these excreted compounds or their metabolites remain in the soil to increase its overall carbon content for many years. For every ton of CO2 utilized in the original cultivation of algae, many additional tons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere on a life cycle basis. The leveraging effect of the process yields a profitable terrestrial CO2 sequestration solution which allows our processed liquids to meet low carbon fuel requirements.